Mission - Model - Focus


Attract Talent
Provide our entrepreneurial companies an advantage through our process, expertise, ethos, and our business partners.


Collaborative Environment
Jointly solve industry challenges important to our business, stakeholders, and communities.


Focused Acceleration
Focus on our technology choices that drive the value needle of the customer.

Our Business Model
EUNIKE'S Value Proposition

For Out Start Ups

  • Extensive technical & commercial due diligence via proprietary Health Check tool/methodology.

  • Guaranteed pilot from an Alliance Partner (aka Customer).

  • Working with experienced Oil & Gas professionals and SMEs (subject matter experts) with real-world operational experience.

  • Provide enablement support where needed/required.

  • On the ground team/support through commercialization.

Rapid Development & Deployment
Operator Involvement

Pilot Phase
Pair selected technology start-ups with paid field trials.
Participation is whoever sees value to be added via a successful pilot (e.g. application into their asset).


Sharing Results
Results and key learnings are shared with Alliance Members.
No IP is taken from start-up technology companies.  

Collaboration enables de-risking of a greater number of technologies.


Technology Focus (Sample Areas) 

Onshore, Offshore, Midstream, Downstream, Petrochem, CleanTech