This is a small sample of our portfolio companies.  When we are able to release names, due to confidentiality, the webiste will be updated accordingly.


Nesh is a AI Assistant for Search and Analytics designed to find answers to your business questions 10x faster via the power of Natural Language Processing. She combines the convenience of a Chatbot with the analytical and visualization capability of a business intelligence tool and the data search power of a cognitive search engine. She can connect to publicly available data or private data and allows users to have a natural conversation with it. 


Senslytics, headquartered in Atlanta, GA is an advanced AI software startup carving a new space "Lead Time Forewarning", giving managers and engineers more reaction time to optimize oil operations or curb emergencies.  We use Scientific Learning in our patented Intuition Technology framework and need fewer data for Forewarning.  We are commericializing the Contamination Forewarning application for Wireline Formation Testing Operation with Shell after delivering a successful one year long pilot trial with Shell GameChanger and are now expanding to Flow Assurance Forewarning use case.